Stairlift Chair

Silla sube escaleras

Straight staircases

Folded width: 339 mm
Unfolded width: 654 mm
Maximum weight: 160Kg

Curved staircases

Folded width: 405 mm
Unfolded width: 679 mm
Maximum weight: 135 Kg ( 120 Kg for installations equipped with folding rail)

Silla salvaescaleras de color rojo

Straight staircases

Folded width: 339 mm
Unfolded width: 654 mm
Maximum weight: 160Kg

Curved staircases

Folded width: 405 mm
Unfolded width: 679 mm
Maximum weight: 135 Kg ( 120 Kg for installations equipped with folding rail)

silla sube escaleras
  • Maximum travel up to 9m.
    Aluminium guide.
    Maximum load capacity up to 140kg.
    Maximum inclination: 50º.
    Energy 24v DC Battery
    Speed: 0.12m/s.
    Approximate lower parking space required: 680mm.
    Charger included.
    Batteries: the chair can be used temporarily without power.

Chairs stairlifts prices

Below you can see the most common prices of stairlifts, but it is necessary to keep in mind that prices may change according to many factors that we will discuss below:

What is the price of a stairlift?

In the stairlift market we can find the cheapest model from 2.900€ to the most spectacular from 10.000€. It is also necessary to take into account the complexity of the design, construction and installation of the chair to climb stairs.

The best option is not always the most expensive or the most economical. It is always best to find the intermediate option that suits our needs and both physical and economic.

Stairlifts for communities

It is very common among neighboring communities to install a chair lift, so that all neighbors who need it can enjoy the comforts they provide. From the communities that only need to climb a small stretch of an entrance staircase, to the communities that need a stairlift of 3 floors.

Users for whom are the stairlifts designed to climb stairs?

These chairs to climb stairs are intended for all people with reduced mobility, their function is to facilitate life and make whatever your problem you can get where you want.

Electric stairlifts

The great majority of chairs to climb stairs in the market are electric, or have an aid to climb more easily, are all the chairs that you can find on this page of our website. They can be divided into two main types:

Chairs climb escalators

These are the chairs that you can find on this page, they are fully automatic and can be used without supervision (we always recommend the use of products with supervision or help if necessary, prevention is better than cure).

Its function is to help the user reach his destination in an autonomous and easy way, no matter if he has reduced mobility or if he does not have much strength to make the journey. The stairlift takes care of everything.

Manual stairlifts

They are the chairs that are not completely automatic, this means that they are the chairs to climb stairs that need the help of another person to work properly.

In our website you can find more types of chairs to climb stairs like the ones you can see below:

Wheelchair climbs stairs manually

Caterpillar stairlift

How do the models for straight and curved staircases differ?

One of the main differences between straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts is the rail that guides them to the top of the stairs.

Chairs climb stairs normally used in straighter sections with a more regular ascent and without a very high inclination, they are less complex. The problem and difficulty comes when you have to negotiate curves in the road, changes of slope and complicated sections such as a spiral staircase. In the case of having all these difficulties we use a machine to climb curved rail stairs, to get through all these obstacles.

Another problem that makes it more expensive to climb curved rail ladders is the manufacturing system. While straight guides can be mass-produced, curved rail guides do not have this option. Due to the fact that in each staircase the obstacles to avoid are different, they are placed in a random way and they do not always have the same slope they have to be made to measure.

What does it suppose to make a chair climbs stairs to measure?

It means, mainly, a notable increase in the price, for the difficulty of manufacture and installation. All these problems will mean a delay in time from the time it is ordered until the installation is completed and the corresponding tests.

Curved stairlifts price

As we have commented before, the price of the chairs to climb stairs is higher if it is the version with curves, it is a simple reason, all its structure is more complex and difficult to carry out.

The price usually goes according to the difficulty, but does not usually go below 3,900 € and can reach more than 15,000 € (depending on the difficulty can exceed that price by far). If these chairs are out of your budget, do not despair, you can always find an alternative solution.

Stairlifts for rent

This modality is usually carried out with the simplest and straightest equipment, the equipment is usually installed, which is rented and for an agreed monthly price are maintained until one of the two parties ends the contract.

This modality is usually very popular among neighboring communities and people who cannot afford to pay the full price of the equipment.

Second hand stairlift chair

It is difficult to find second-hand stairs in good condition, because they are often damaged when removed from their original location. But when you find a chair you climb second-hand stairs, they are at half their original price, man the price of installation. It’s worth it if you can’t opt to get completely new equipment.

Stairlifts breakdowns

The chairs to climb stairs automatically, often suffer breakdowns if you misuse them, for example climb with excess weight.

They can also be damaged by the use itself and by dirt and other debris that gets into the mechanism of the stairlift.

Stairlift Chair
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